The Santa Experience is a private, 20-minute meeting with Santa Claus where children can experience a magical encounter with Santa and interact with him while enjoying a story, cookies, peeking in Santa’s magical bag, exploring the globe and more.

Your child will greet Santa in a warm, inviting setting where he will meet them at their own comfort level with the option to sit nearby, on his lap, stand, etc. and flow through a series of storylines that will fit perfectly into your own custom album that will be available to purchase. Santa will work through each storyline as possible but no two sessions are alike as he follows the lead of the child.


Here is just a sampling of the custom 20 page album you available for purchase after your session. If you purchase an album, your entire gallery is included at no extra charge (a $100 savings). Albums start at $250 with upgrade options available. Ask me for details.

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How do I book the session?

Click HERE


Where are you located?

In Jarrell, Tx. Near Florence and the Jarrell High School. 


How much does it cost?

Prints and print products may be purchased directly through your gallery. I will provide a price list in an email prior to your session.

What does the booking fee/deposit cover?

The $100 booking fee/deposit reserves your spot on the calendar and covers Santa and the assistant’s fee. If you miss your session or cancel, your time slot may not be able to be filled, Santa and the assistant still have to be paid therefore this fee and any other monies paid prior to your shoot are nonrefundable.

What happens if my child is sick on his session date?

If your child is sick, please notify me ASAP so that I can attempt to fill your spot. In the event that your child is sick on the day of his session, your booking fee and any other monies paid can be applied to a future session to be used within 6 months only. It is not valid on future Santa sessions.

How long is the session?

Sessions are 20 minutes with ten minutes between families to properly sanitize. Only one family is allowed in the studio at a time. If you are waiting on your session, please wait until 1–2 minutes prior to your session time to knock. Do not open the door, as we want to make it a special moment.

What are the age requirements?

The Santa experience is most appropriate for children who are able to interact with Santa, typically 3 and up, though toddlers can be a lot of fun, just trust your judgement as their parent. If you suspect your child may be shy, you should come ready to be in pictures with them and we will do our best.

What should my child wear?

Our goal is to create beautiful, timeless images. I suggest classic Christmas colors, patterns and outfits. Avoid logos, graphic t-shirts, tennis shoes, busy patterns, but also anything that the child will hate and be uncomfortable (itchy) in. You can do Christmas pajamas, vintage looking nightgowns, casual holiday outfits, or special occasion outfits. Just think classic, timeless, beautiful and simple when choosing what to wear. Parents who may end up in photos, remember to coordinate outfits.

When do I get to see the images?

You will receive your gallery and the option to download your included images that you prefer within 2-3 weeks. You can also order albums though your gallery. If you would like an in person meeting to look through your images and order products, just let me know.

What products do you offer?

Product offerings include any professional products you might need from albums, ornaments, prints, gifts, wall art, metal, canvas, image boxes and more.

How long will it take to get my prints and products?

Products ordered during the holidays can vary depending on the lab shipping deadlines and how backed up the shipping companies used are. I can’t guarantee any timeline as it is out of my hands completely, but most products ordered in October will only be a few days. Products in November, possibly a few more than that and products ordered in December may be a few weeks, or delayed much longer since the lab does stop shipping at a certain time and I also stop working Dec. 12th. Please get all orders in as early as possible. be notified once your order is ready. All orders will be available for pickup at my studio.

What if I want to use one of the photos to order Christmas Cards?

You have the right to print your downloaded images that you choose and can create your own cards. If you would like to order a card from your gallery (I add one for every client), the cost is $50 for 25 cards that arrive with nice envelopes and free 1-2 shipping and can be picked up at my studio. (Keep shipping times in mind as mentioned above as we near December, order early!)

Can the parents watch?

When you enter the studio, there will be a specific spot where the parent/s will be allowed to sit and quietly observe. Parents must turn off all cell phones before entering the studio. You we welcome to take phone pictures from your seat but it is not preffered, as we don’t want children looking at their parents and being distracted so try to keep it to a minimum. Please refrain from interacting with or giving directions to the children during their time with Santa unless needed. Our goal is to create and maintain a calm and enjoyable atmosphere for the children with the goal of capturing natural expressions, whatever those might be!

Can the parents be included in any of the photos?

Yes, towards the end parents can join their child/children for a quick photo.

Can I book a session for more than one family?

Unfortunately, no. Because of the size of my set and the space needed for Santa and the children, my studio can not accommodate large groups. I request that only 2 adults accompany children in the studio. Large groups also make it especially hard for each child to fully interact with Santa. Most sibling groups will have the entire group in every photo (which is not generally what most friends, cousins, ect. want), with an exception towards the end to do an in individual portrait with Santa as time allows. Smaller groups and individuals will get more time to do flow through all of the different storylines. If you have an extra large family and would like to book more than one time slot, you may do so.

Can I bring a gift for Santa’s bag?

Absolutely!! If you wish, please bring a small, wrapped gift that we will slip the gifts into Santa’s bag. You can sneak this gift to us when you arrive or bring it the day before. If you do bring it the day before, just give us a reminder when you arrive to make sure it made it in the bag. If you have multiple children that you are bringing gifts for, to make it easier on Santa, please do not label them with name tags and make them either the same thing or items that can be given to any one child just in case Santa has a hard time remembering who is who while pulling them out of the bag. Santa will also have a small gift for each family.

What happens if I am running late for my appointment?

If you see that you are running late, you must text me asap. I will not be monitoring email during session times so please do not email. Any family running more than 10 minutes late for their session may have to forfeit their time or have their session time cut short. We will do the best we can with the time we have. Session fees are nonrefundable.

What happens if my child is afraid of Santa?

Santa has a few tricks up his sleeve for helping children warm up and these longer, private sessions allow for more time. We are very kind, patient and won’t push too hard and make children do anything they are uncomfortable with and will do the best we can with what we are given. If we feel it would help, a parent may be asked to join them so remember to come dressed appropriately to be in pictures. Remember, children are not expected to sit on Santa’s lap and do not even have to sit beside him. Santa is a professional and can usually guide the children to something acceptable for a photo. If all else fails, we may having crying photos and that’s okay, too. After all, we are going for natural expressions. We are happy to stop photographing and give the parent time to soothe children if needed.

What food will be eaten during the session?

At the end of the session, Santa will read to them while they eat chocolate chip cookies (we will avoid drinks (hot cocoa, milk and water will be available) until they are leaving just to make sure there are no accidents). You are absolutely welcome to bring any allergen-friendly cookies or drinks needed, just let me know at the beginning of your session that you brought them. 


What is your policy regarding Covid-19?

Every effort will be made to keep the studio clean and sanitized. Sessions are scheduled to allow time in between families to spray and wipe down common areas and props, therefore it is imperative that you adhere to your specific session time. Santa, myself and my assistant will not be wearing masks and they are optional for parents.