I want to sincerely thank you for your interest in my photography! Writing about yourself is so hard, but I'll try to compile some personal tidbits here to give you a glimpse of who I am. I've been a hobbyist for most of my adult life, it started in middle school when I joined Journalism and yearbook staff. Throughout high school, I wanted to be a famous photojournalist and travel the world. I decided to get married and eventually settle down and raise babies instead. While that would have been quite an adventure,  I can't say marriage and kids aren't one of their own! My love of photography grew with my kids and I became more interested in portrait photography. I went to college for Business, Graphic Design, and Photography in North East Texas but now I get live outside of my favorite city, Austin, Texas with my husband of nearly 20 years. I homeschool my three children out where my teenage daughter is sure is the middle of nowhere, but my little boys love running wild. Besides Photography, I enjoy volunteering for my library, co-leading our local homeschool group, reading and researching, drinking chai tea with friends and convincing myself that I should start working out. I love documenting my children's lives and would be honored to help document your life as well.